Welcome to Threshold Outsourcing Ltd

Threshold recruits both contract staff and full time staff and as such we have devised a process that is efficient and time saving to both your company and job seekers. At Threshold we strive to find ways in which we can add value to our clients human resource needs but also new and innovative ways in which the recruitment process can be made more effective in regards to both cost and time.

Recruitment/Outsourcing of staff is an onerous task, but at Threshold we aim to simplify the process. Our recruitment and consulting services will help to:

  • Save time
  • Minimize recruitment errors.
  • Avoid the social pressure of relations and associates on management.
  • Remove entirely, the burden of managing workers.
  • Eliminate unionism.
  • Achieve cost effectiveness.


Articulate client’s expectation.

  • Conduct expectation-setting session with your company
  • Document client’s expectation

Recruit and redeploy support staff.

  • Recruit new staff through a process to be agreed upon by both client and Threshold.
  • Convert existing support staff record to Threshold Outsource Ltd.
  • Conduct re-orientation for staff in b) above.

Monitor support staff to ensure conformity with client’s expectation.

  • Supervise support staff in job locations.
  • Obtain client’s feedback on periodic basis.

Background Checks

TOL undertakes to carry out the following checks of all staff it recommends for employment.

  • Authenticity of educational qualifications.
  • Periodic confirmation of place of residence.
  • Confirmation of references and past experiences if applicable.
  • Confirmation of guarantors where applicable.